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Internet Business Solutions, Inc. (IBS) is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click traffic. We offer results-driven services that bring targeted “buyers” to websites like yours. For more than two decades, we’ve helped businesses generate measurable results through online marketing.  While many SEO Agencies confuse business owners with long lists of meaningless deliverables and technical jargon, IBS offers access to it’s proven and repeatable processes  that deliver results and ROI in a way that’s easy for business owners to understand.

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Pay Per Click Traffic Experts

If you’re looking for immediate traffic, then Pay Per Click Traffic can deliver qualified buyers directly to your website in the next 15 minutes.  IBS specializes in Pay Per Click Management of traffic on both the Google AdWords and Facebook Ad platforms.

In addition, IBS has been awarded the Google Certified Partner status for the past several years.  As a partner, we work hand in hand with a dedicated agency team at Google to help us manage our clients AdWords campaings and our held to strict performance requirements to maintain our certifications.  As part of the program our team is required to renew their qualifications on the Google Exams to make sure that our agency is up to date with the latest trends and strategies to optimize pay per click traffic delivery.

Experienced Web Design

We have over 22 years of experience in designing websites that convey our clients message to potential new customers.  IBS not only builds websites that look great, but we build them with user experience in mind.  Through the latest tracking technologies, we are able to see where users are clicking, moving their mouse and how far down a page they are scrolling.  We then combine all of this data and do a thorough review of the website interactions with real people to see if the original design is meeting the sites visitors expectations and adjust accordingly.

Design With Conversion & User Experience In Mind



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Michael Gall

President – Internet Business Solutions, Inc.

Why Choose IBS?

We know you have choices and we appreciate the time you have spent on this site getting to know us.  We would like to point out a few key differentiators that set us apart from any other Digital Marketing Agency you may be considering.



Way before there was a Google there was an Internet Business Solutions.  While most of today’s SEO professionals were still in diapers, we were ranking clients in Yahoo, Excite, Alta Vista, Lycos, Infospace and more….
We encourage you to talk to as many sources as possible, but we think you’ll be hard pressed to find another SEO Company or Digital Marketing Agency with the as much experience and history as we do.



IBS is not just a company for hire, we become a partner with your business and treat it’s idenity and reputation as if it was our own.  We take a legitamate intrest in the success of your organization.



Google makes approximately 500 updates a year to their algorithim, a new hot mobile device is released every few months, and web techology is constantly evolving.

We our plugged into and collaraborate with some of the best Digital Marketing experts in the world and are constantly sharing data and knowlege as well as learning every day to make sure that the businesses we represent are on the forefront of the latest digital marketing trends and SEO techniques to keep them way ahead of the competition.

IBS Mission Statment


…Improve the quality of life for the businessess we partner with by helping them to increase their impact on the world through the the expanded reach they gain through a well implemented digital marketing strategy.

We work with amazing businesses, that employee thousands of people and know that by helping these businesses succeed, the ripple effect of our efforts will multiply exponentiallly as our business partners can effect millions through  the expanded awareness and reach of their amazing products and services are spread to the world.

Worldwide imapct is just one great “Page One” listing away for any business….

Why Should You Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Agency?

The Internet has really changed our lives in numerous ways. It is seen in our personal lives and the way we look up information but it is also seen in our business life. In fact, using the Internet properly not only helps to grow your business, it can grow it beyond your wildest expectations. The problem is, most business owners don’t have the time to work on their business because they are too busy working in their business. That is why they often turn to a professional digital marketing agency for assistance.

When you really stop to think about the reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency, it can quickly get overwhelming. Imagine having a source of traffic to your website that introduces new people to your business on a daily basis. What if you also had a website available that did more than selling your product, it also supported those who already used it? Those are just a few of the advantages to using a digital marketing agency. It can also be seen in the following 3 separate ways.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to driving traffic to a website, SEO is something that certainly should not be overlooked. Many people consider this a free way of getting traffic but it is hardly free, considering how much time needs to go into getting a website ranked properly. When you use a digital marketing agency, however, they handle all of the footwork for you. In other words, they get the traffic to your website through SEO and you handle the new customers.

There are many different factors that can go into optimizing your business for the Internet. It might include the content that is on your website or perhaps reaching out to other website owners to establish a relationship. It all comes together to produce one of the most powerful types of traffic that you could possibly receive, and it is highly targeted.

2. Pay per Click (PPC)

Another reason why hiring a professional digital marketing agency is the right choice is because they use the search engines for something other than SEO, they use it for SEM. Search engine marketing (SEM) involves using PPC to rank your website quickly and to drive laser targeted traffic to you almost instantaneously. This isn’t something that works instead of SEO, it actually works hand in hand with it.

Many businesses that try to do their own PPC marketing end up spending a lot of money and seeing nothing in return. There are specific ways that it must be done, from the keyword research all the way to the bidding structure. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you will find that this work goes a lot more smoothly and you begin to see the benefits almost immediately.

3. The Benefits of Web Design

One other factor that cannot be ignored is the benefits of having a quality website. Of course, having an up-to-date website identifies you as a forward thinker in today’s Internet-savvy world. It does more, however, because it increases how much money you are making from each and every person that lands on your website.

When you use our professional marketing services, you will receive more traffic from SEO, PPC and other methods of promotion. Imagine being able to make more from each of those visitors, rather than continuing to try to get more and more visitors to your website. The results could be astounding!

That is really the benefit of a quality designed website. It is good for your brand but it also helps to move people to the ultimate conclusion; ordering what you have to offer. An up-to-date and quality website will also help you in your SEO and PPC efforts, because Google shows favor to websites that are using the latest technologies, including being prepared for mobile visitors.

As you can tell, there are many different reasons to hire a professional digital marketing agency. The real key, and one that will make a difference in your success is hiring the right agency for your needs. When you do so, you will find that your business grows quickly and continues to grow for the long term.

LinkedIN Testimonials

For Internet Business Solutions, Inc – CEO – Michael Gall

Michael is my ‘go to’ guy when it comes to SEO expertise and Online Marketing. Not only can he successfully rank websites high in the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, he can also optimized your website so it converts new prospects into paying clients. Need more profit in your business? Give Micheal a call. I don’t hesitate to recommend Michael to build your SEO strategies and your marketing plan for your business.

Kevin Ensrud

Dental Marketing Strategist, Successfully Wired Marketing

If you want to increase your on line presence look no further. Mike and his team will help you dominate your market. Trust me!

Eddie Robles

Marketing Consultant for Contractors, Coral Springs Marketing Consultancy

Michael is the Go To guy for all your SEO and digital marketing campaigns. He is highly passionate, up to date an enthusiastic about his profession backed with track record of success.

Iman Bahrani

Owner Pricipal, Searchical.com.au

Michael brings his 19 years of online marketing experience in his analysis and strategies. His knowledge and experience has been a great resource for me at my company, Onyx Solutions. You are in good hands with with Michael Gall.

Damon Burris

President, Onyx Solutions

Mike is one of the most knowledgeable people I had the privileged to work with. I highly endorse Mike and I hope to enjoy future ventures with him.

Fredrik Persson

Owner, Persson Consulting

Michael got his start in the field of web design and soon augmented his skill-set with SEO which any successful business online will tell you is a truly powerful combination. When you can combine beautifully designed websites with high rankings in the search engines you have a true 1-2 combo. If you are looking for one of the best seo consultants with a keen eye for web design in the Los Angeles area then I suggest you give Michael a call.

Chris Smith

Owner, Obelisk Enterprises

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